While UpContent’s proprietary crawler can be used to find articles from an ever-growing number of publishers that match your specific criteria (learn more on how to create a great topic), there are a number of reasons why you may wish to bring all articles from a specific publisher into your UpContent account. This can be accomplished by adding the publisher’s RSS feed into one of your collections. 

Add Sources to Collections

Sources can be added to both newly created and existing collections. Adding sources to a collection does not limit your ability to add articles to the collection from a topic or manually add individual articles.

In both cases, you can add the RSS feed of the source by navigating to the Collection Editor and clicking ‘Sources’ from the list of tabs near the top of the editor screen. 

Now, paste in the URL of the RSS feed you wish to add and click ‘Add’. 

The RSS feed will appear below the text box with the status of ‘Queued for Processing’. 

NOTE: It may take a few minutes for the first articles in your feed to appear (depending on the amount of content within the feed and the infrastructure of the publisher). You can find the status of your source feeds at any time by navigating back to this screen. Refill that lovely beverage and, when you get back, give the tab a refresh to see your new articles. 

Review Status of Sources

For feeds that are being processed successfully, the feed listed will provide timestamps for when UpContent last looked at the feed to find new articles and the published date of the last article it found. 

If you are seeing a status message different from the above, you can investigate the cause of the issue here

How Often will My Sources Be Refreshed?

The UpContent platform works to synchronize the refresh of your sources with the frequency in which the publisher posts new content. For publishers that release new articles multiple times each hour, UpContent will retrieve new articles once per hour. For publishers that publish less frequently, UpContent will adjust its refresh frequency for the feed source to align with this posting schedule.  

Creative Uses of Sources within Collections

In addition to receiving all article published by a certain outlet, RSS feed URLs can be brought into Collections for a number of creative uses. 

  1. Custom blended collections – Responsible for managing Collections for a number of franchisees or locations within your organization and would like to have moderated articles appear within their social media feed, email campaign, website, or digital screen? You can create a “parent” collection around a certain topic and use the RSS feed available for that collection as a source for the franchise or location-specific collections. When the configuration is complete, sending an article into the “parent” collection would have it automatically appear within the franchise or location-specific collections – blended with whatever other sources or articles were also sent into those groupings. 
  2. Blending your original and curated content – You can add your own blog’s RSS feed as a source within a collection to have newly created blog posts automatically appear within the Collection and be blended with your curated content for display on your website or within an email marketing campaign. 
  3. Customizing integration paths – For those times when you would like the same article to flow to more than one destination (maybe a weekly email digest and your website), but you want the call-to-action provided by UpContent’s integration with Sniply to be different for each destination – or maybe you have articles around specific categories that should show on separate pages, but then be blended together on a ‘Latest News’ page. A parent-child Collection setup (similar to option 2, above) can do the trick. 
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