Account - The name for each individual 

Activity Log - The menu that allows you to see the last few actions taken on a topic by yourself, or any team member.  

AND - The Boolean operator that narrows your search, and tells UpContent to find articles with all terms. 

ArtClass - An abbreviation of "Article Classifier", this is technology we created to determine if a piece of content is a news article or a blog post - made to help you sort through content. 

Content - The catch-all phrase for online media; news articles, blog posts, videos, press releases, and more, that appear on the internet. 

Duplicate - Also "copy," this is how you make an identical version of an existing topic. 

Gallery - A tool offered by UpContent that allows users to embed curated content onto their own site in an engaging, easy-to-read card format. 

Hibernate - When a topic has not been accessed for 30 days, it will automatically begin to update itself at some point within a 30 day period instead of twice a day.  This is done to save resources so that active topics can load with more speed and reliability.  

Influence - A sorting filter available on the suggestions screen - displays content in order of the most influential sources based on the search phrase. 

NOT - The boolean operator which tells UpContent to exclude all included terms in your suggestions. 

Notes - Add notes to either topics or content for review by yourself or your team members at a later date. 

OR - The boolean operator which tells UpContent to include at least some, but not all terms in your suggestions. 

Query - Similar to search, this is instruction you give to UpContent on what to search for, what to display, and in what order.

Relevance -
A sorting filter available on the suggestions screen - displays results in order of most applicable based on the search phrase. 

Permissions - May also be referred to as rights.  These settings determine the ways in which you can interact with and modify your organization and/or their folders/topics. 

Shareability -  A sorting filter available on the suggestions screen - displays content in order of how shareable it is likely to be, based on its use of power words and phrases

Source - Another name for website, domain, publication, etc.  The name for where each piece of content comes from.

- The list of content that UpContent provides you based on the criteria of your query.  

- An organization you create and want to collaborate with others on.  

Topic - The name you give to your individual searches.

Transfer - The action taken to share topics with others inside your Organization.

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