Unfortunately, isolating results from a specific country is not a feature UpContent has at this time. 

A decent work around is to include the country name in your search criteria. 

For example: 

("wine" AND "Italy")

("Infrastructure" AND "UK")

("Real Estate" AND "Canada")

This is a feature that we are currently working on and hope to bring to you soon. 

Why can't we search for results from geographic regions? 

Filtering content by geographic region is tricky for a couple of reasons. 

Primarily, due to the nature of the internet, websites that focus on a country's news or otherwise may not necessarily be hosted in that country. Internet traffic is often routed around different parts of the world, so looking at where the data is coming from is not reliable. 

What is known as TLD (Top Level Domain) which is the .co.uk or .it that denotes a websites origin country, is also not ideal as many sites no longer include this (think bbc.com, theguardian.com, indiatimes.com, almost all blogs, etc). It would also exclude non-native results from the suggestions (a NYT piece about Brazil, for example), so we have chosen not to filter in this way either. 

As always, feel free to reach out for help to get your criteria just right to return the results you expect.  

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