Creating custom categories on Easy Content is how you can start finding the relevant, engaging content that is right for your audience without having to scroll endlessly through regular feeds. 

NOTE: You will need to upgrade your Easy Content plan to begin creating custom categories. 

Searching with Easy Content is different than your typical search engine.  We use what is known as "boolean search" to isolate your results to just what you care about.  We have a boolean introduction article to help you get up to speed with that. 

For more detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your search, read on. 

The "ALL" field 

  • Here is where you should enter your general area of interest.  Example: Real Estate, Marketing, Finance, Fitness, Travel, etc. 
  • Because we search only for articles that contain each of these exact terms, it is best to limit this to 1-2 terms. 

The "ONE of" field

  • At least one word or phrase entered here will show up in your results but not every term has to appear in every article like it does with "ALL"
  • Here you can add more diversity to your topic to help it find more relevant content.  
  • A good way to think of it is, "What exactly do I want to see about my main area of interest I entered before?" 
  • Example: ALL: Small Business  ONE of:  Marketing / Trends / Technology

This is an example of how Easy Content works to combine your search criteria to return articles related to your interests. 

The "NOT" field 

  • The internet is full of content and oftentimes terms we put into our searches bring us unwanted results. 
  • For instance, you may be looking for content about cars or news about the automobile industry, but local news sites frequently pick up reports on serious car accidents, which you probably don't want to see or share.  We can eliminate that by utilizing the 'NOT' field. 
  • Example: NOT: Crash / Accident / Police 

If you're confused about creating topics with Easy Content, feel free to schedule a complimentary topic creation session and walk through it with us over the phone. 

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