UpContent's integration with Lately allows you to have fresh, juicy, relevant posts automatically created for your connected social media accounts. All you'll need to do if pick your favorites and bulk schedule. 

Connecting these two platforms is a one-time activity that can be done by anyone that is part of your UpContent account's team. These credentials will then be leveraged so that if anyone on your team places an article within the connected Collection, it will be sent to Lately. 

Navigating to the Lately Power-Up

Whether you are creating a new Collection, or editing an existing one, clicking on "Power-Ups" will show you what integrations are available to you. 

If someone on the team has already connected the UpContent account with the partner account, you will see an Off/On toggle. If the connection has not yet been made, a "Connect" button will appear. 

Completing the Connection

If the "Connect" button is present, it means the two technologies haven't met yet, and you get to be the lucky one to get these two together!

NOTE: The connection process is only necessary once for the UpContent account. Any other collections (existing or new) will not have the Off/On toggle. 

First, be sure you are also logged into the Lately account you want to associate with UpContent. 

Then click the "Connect" button. You will then be presented with a new page where you can authorize UpContent to connect with your Lately account. 

After clicking "Allow", you will be taken back to the Edit Collection screen in the "Basics" tab. Click "Power-Ups" to see that the "Connect" button has been replaced by an Off/On toggle. 

Switching the toggle to "On" will reveal two drop-down menus. The first will allow you to select the Lately dashboard you wish to connect, and the second will allow you to tie any posts you place into the Collection to a specific Lately campaign. 

Once the proper dashboard and campaign has been selected, click "Save Collection".

Now whenever you add content to the Collection, it will automatically appear within the Generated posts in your Lately dashboard!

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