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Welcome to Topics!
Welcome to Topics!

What are topics and how should I be using them to power my content curation strategy?

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Hello. I am Scott, CEO of UpContent. Thanks for being a part of the UpContent community. It is our goal to ensure you, and your team, have a great experience within the UpContent platform. Please do not hesitate to contact myself, or anyone on our team with any questions. 

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to briefly introduce the concept of topics within UpContent. 

Our topics view is where most of our customers begin their journey with us. It is where you can leverage the power of UpContent’s discovery engine to find the articles that are discussing the areas that your audience is most interested in - and where you and your team can be uniquely helpful in sorting through the “noise” to surface only the best content. 

How are topics created?

Topics begin by asking you to provide the criteria you care most about using our guided or advanced query builder. These criteria can be as broad or narrow as you’d like - ensuring you are seeing what you want - rather than a static set of categories. 

Once your criteria are entered, UpContent does the rest and will continue to bring new articles into your UpContent topic from publications worldwide that match your specified criteria. Each topic is automatically updated twice per day, to ensure you can always find the “freshest results. 

How do I use topics?

We also provide a number of sorting and filtering options to ensure that you are viewing the articles the way you want - bringing those articles best for your needs, right to the top. 

There are additional videos available that go into detail on: 

We look forward to hearing what questions you have, and assisting you in leveraging UpContent’s topics most effectively to achieve your goals. Thanks for your time! 

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