Hovering Over an Article:

  1. Delete Suggestion Button - Will delete the article permanently from your Topic/Collection

  2. Edit Icon (Collections Only) - This will allow you to edit the summary text and image associated with an article in that Collection.

The Article's Card itself:

  1. The article headline - Shows you the article's title

  2. Content Source - The article publisher.

  3. Remove Source Button - Will remove all articles from that source within your Topic or Collection. This is specific to the individual user account and will not impact the view of others on your team.

  4. Days since publishing - Count of time that has passed since the article was published on its original site

  5. Classification - Either News or Blog. If you think we classified this wrong, you can click on the drop down menu and fix it for us. Thanks!

  6. Favorite suggestion - Click this icon to add it to your favorites.

  7. Notes - Click to either view current, or add a new one.

  8. Share - to social media via one of our partners.

  9. View Original Source - opens the article as displayed by the publisher in a new tab.

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