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Add a Team Member to your Folders
Add a Team Member to your Folders

You've added new members, you've created folders, now let's add those members to those folders.

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Once you add team members to your account, you can begin sharing Topics or Collections with them by adding topics to folders and then assigning team members to these folders.

Begin by accessing the team settings screen by clicking on the account name, and then "Team Members".

Once you have accessed the Team Members screen (which you can access directly by going to you can assign a team member by finding the appropriate one and clicking "edit" under the "Assignments" header.

From here, select from the drop-down menu which folder you would like to assign them to, as well as the permission level you would like them to have before clicking "Assign Folder" to finish the process.

Repeat the process to assign multiple folders to the same team member(s).

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