Creating a HTML Email Template

If you would like to be able to create custom HTML email templates for you and your team to use, this is it!

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UpContent gives you the ability to create custom HTML email templates that can then be populated with your approved articles from a collection, with a single click.

These templates are easily created to match your brand styles, populated with curated content automatically (per your rules), and downloaded from within the UpContent platform.

Click on the “Email Templates” option within your account menu (don't see it? Ask us how to get it activated for you), you’ll now be able to create an email template.

Click “New Template” at the top left hand of the screen, name your template, and get ready to edit.

Whenever you are ready to edit the template, you will see a few different options on the screen. If you would like to add an extra editable row to your template, you would click the Rows tab, and drag that onto the template preview in the middle of the screen, same goes for any of the assets under the content tab (you will have to add content to an already existing row or add a new row to the template). You'll also have the ability to change the way your curated content will be displayed using "UpContent Selections".

In the Settings tab you will be able to change the content area width, the background color of the template, change the content area background, change the font, and change the link color on the custom email template.

Also available are our Merge Tags. These tags will be auto-populated by the articles themselves (as long as they're in the UpContent Selections row) as well as newsletter tags that will be auto-populated by the settings on the device you are using to create your newsletter.

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