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Adding an Article to your Collection
Adding an Article to your Collection

You've found a great article you think your audience may like, let's get it ready to be viewed.

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Whenever you find an article you may want to send to your audience, you will want to add that article to your Collection.

To add an article to your Collection of choice, you will want to click on the "+" button on the bottom right-hand side of the article card. (Need more info on the article card? Click here.)

Once you click that button (you can click "+" on multiple articles to add them all to your Collections at the same time) you will then be able to click the "Send Selections to a Collection" button on the top right-hand side of the screen to select which Collections you would like to add the article(s) to.

When you are in the "Add Article to Your Collection" dialogue window, you can edit the article's summary, change the image that will be displayed with the article, the article's title, the publisher as well as the published date!

After you select which Collection you would like to add your content to (you can add articles to multiple Collections at once), your article(s) will be sent to the Collections and any associated workflows or Power-Ups configured within UpContent will activate.

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