Editing an Article

Here's how you can make changes to how the article is displayed, without changing the article itself.

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If you would like to change the appearance of your article when displaying as part of your email, website, or other channels, you'll want to click the edit button on the content card after it has been placed in one of your collections (need to find where that is? Click here.)

Once you click that button, you will be able to edit the article's image, abstract, title, publisher, and published date.

Another way you can change the appearance of an article is when you add an article to your Collections from Topics. In the "Add to Collection" pop-up, you will be able to change the above listed for your article here as well.

You are able to select an image from your own files on your system, or if you have purchased the Engager level or higher, you can use the Getty Images library to replace the image as well.

The adjustments that you have made to best fit with your article will be the changes that your audience views with the third party article whether it be on your own website, your email campaign, or even the content you are posting to your social media accounts. This, of course, will not change the content presented on the publisher's site.

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