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Getting Set Up with Easy Content
Getting Set Up with Easy Content

Let's get Easy Content installed on your Wix site.

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Whenever you log into your Wix account you're going to first create your site, then we're going to edit our site.

Once you are in your site editor, you will click on the "Add Apps" button and search the Wix App Market for Easy Content by UpContent.

Once you have added the Easy Content app to your Wix page and created your account, you can begin setting up content on your page.

The first step is to select at least one of our twenty pre-made categories. Choose something that aligns with the interests of your audience.

NOTE: Users on the free plan will only be allowed to select one category at a time. Upgrade the app to gain access to multiple categories and your own custom categories.

After selecting your category/categories you can view a preview of the content that will appear on your site by clicking on "View Articles".

If you have upgraded the app, you can either remove certain content you know you do not wish to appear on your site and/or "pin" content that you want to know you want to always appear.

Do so by either clicking on the "pin" icon at the top right of the content card, or clicking into the options at the bottom right and clicking "remove".

You can then start adjusting your layout, settings, and design to meet your design and marketing needs.

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