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Use Mailchimp to Craft a Curated Email Digest
Use Mailchimp to Craft a Curated Email Digest

Get your audience the best content in their inbox using Mailchimp and UpContent's integration!

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UpContent's partnership with Mailchimp allows you to easily and efficiently position your brand as a resource for your subscribers through the use of curated 3rd party articles.

Want more value? This integration can be used in tandem with UpContent's Sniply integration - increasing direct and indirect conversions with your curated posts.

Connecting the two platforms is a one-time activity that can be done by any team member who has access to both UpContent and Mailchimp.

Activating the Mailchimp Integration within UpContent

To connect your Mailchimp account with UpContent, navigate to the Integrations menu found by:

  1. Clicking on the UpContent account name on the top right,

  2. Select "Integrations" from the dropdown,

  3. Scroll to the "Mailchimp" integration and click the "Connect" button,

  4. Log in with the Mailchimp account you wish to connect.

  5. You will then be prompted to authorize the connection between Mailchimp and UpContent

  6. Once you authorize the integration, you will be automatically directed back to UpContent.

Note: You only have to authorize this integration once. This can also be accomplished from the Power-ups menu as shown in the video.

Creating your Mailchimp email digest campaign from an UpContent Collection

With your Mailchimp and UpContent accounts connected, creating your Mailchimp email digest campaign is as easy as:

  1. Navigate to the Collection you would like the newsletter to contain content from and locate the "Power-Ups" section. Click Manage.

  2. Scroll down to find your Mailchimp integration and click the "Create Mailchimp Email Campaign" button.

  3. Select an existing or create a new Filter View that you would like to use for your newsletter.

    1. Learn more about Filter Views here.

  4. Click the "Finish in Mailchimp" button,

  5. You will be taken to the "Design" step within your new campaign. Feel free to customize any of the steps.

  6. When ready, click the final "Save and Exit" button and you are ready to go!

Note: You only need to set the specifications for your email campaign once. After that, all you would have to do is add more content to your Collection and it will automatically appear in your next scheduled Mailchimp Email Digest.

Sending curated articles to the Mailchimp email digest campaign once created.

Simply add articles to the UpContent Collection connected to your Mailchimp campaign. (Yes, one step!)


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