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UpContent and Zapier

Integrating UpContent with Zapier is as simple as setting up a workflow

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Whenever you want to create some automation within your workflow, Zapier is our answer. Zapier is a free application that automates the ability to trigger actions when an article is added to one of your Collections (e.g. send your co-workers or audience notifications) or automates the ability to send a Custom HTML email!

To get started, we're going to want to make sure we have signed up for a free Zapier account (click here if you haven't signed up). Once you have signed up, we will want to add UpContent as a Zapier connection.

Within Zapier, navigate to "My Apps" and type UpContent in the search bar. Next, you will just need to authorize the connection between UpContent and Zapier.

Now it's time to create some Zaps!

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