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Using Zapier when Adding Articles to a Collection in UpContent
Using Zapier when Adding Articles to a Collection in UpContent

What can we do when we add an article to a Collection within UpContent using the Zapier integration?

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Once we have UpContent integrated within Zapier, we can go ahead and click "Make a Zap".

What we will now do is select the "Trigger" event and the app that causes the Zap to work. Select your Trigger app to be UpContent.

Choose a trigger event, which will be "When an Article is added to a Collection". Click Continue. Next, choose the UpContent account integration you would like to use.

We will now want to set our Trigger. Select the UpContent account you would like to use that possesses the Collection you want to tie to this Zap. Now, choose the Collection you would like to trigger the Zap from. Click Continue, this will allow you to Test the Trigger (make sure your test is successful).

Next, go ahead and select an Action. We are going to want to select which app we would like to add the action to (see the video above for an example of this). Click "Test and Continue" to test your Action (make sure your test is successful).

Lastly, you can now turn on your Zap.

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