First and foremost, we will want to make sure we have already set up a Zappier account and connected UpContent to it. Also, we will want to make sure we have the HTML Booster applied to your UpContent account.

Within UpContent, navigate to the Integrations section after clicking on your account name in the top-right hand corner. Within the Integrations menu, scroll down until you see "Zapier Integrations". Select which integration you would like to use (we will be using the Mailchimp account for this example).

Once clicked, this will now take us to the Zapier application where we can start our process of creating an automated custom HTML newsletter. Here you will see the process Zapier will take to make this Zap function properly. Click "Try It".

This will redirect you to the Zapier platform. You will now set the time and day of the week (or day of the month) to Trigger your HTML email campaign. Test your trigger (we will want to make sure your test is successful).

Next, make sure that UpContent is the chosen application for your next Action. Make sure that "Get HTML Email" is selected as the action. Click "Continue".

Select the UpContent account integration you would like to use. After this, choose your UpContent account name and select the Collection that will provide the content for your Email Campaign. Lastly, select the HTML Email Campaign name and click "Test & Continue" (we will want to make sure your test is successful).

After a successful test, you can now create your email campaign. Select the application we are creating the campaign within and name your campaign. Click "Continue". You will now choose the account within the email service you plan on using. Click "Continue". Next, input all of the pertinent information pertaining to your email, click "Test and Continue" (we will want to make sure your test is successful).

Finally, allow Zapier to create a campaign using the email service you have selected, click "Continue".

You can now turn on your Zap to activate it.

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