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Why collections exist and how they are best leveraged within UpContent.

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Collections are the core building blocks of the UpContent platform. These are the “staging areas” for the articles you are curating and, when used with folders, can help to define the workflow you and your team would like to use to ensure that only articles that have met your compliance and brand requirements are distributed.

However, the most common use of collections is to activate integrations with email marketing, social media management, website CMS, and other distribution technologies you and your team know and love.

Unlike Topics, where articles are being automatically found for you by UpContent based upon the criteria of the articles you wish to see, articles most often find their way into a collection when they are manually added from:

  1. Pasting in the URL to a specific article that you wish to use within UpContent.

UpContent also provides the ability for articles to automatically be approved into collections from Topics, external RSS feeds (possibly from your original blogs or favorite publishers), or even from another collection - allowing for custom article blends to be created without requiring multiple approvals.

Collections are powerful elements within the UpContent platform and, when used in conjunction with Topics and folders can help your team achieve any curation workflow, no matter how automated or manual.

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