Manually Adding an Article to your Collection

Have an article you love that you want to add to a Collection? Here's how!

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Sometimes when browsing the internet you may find an article yourself that UpContent may have not found. Instead of having your audience miss out on your great find, you can add it directly into your Collection!

Note: To be able to add an outside article to your Collections you must have the Sharer plan or higher.

To add an article into your Collection, first, you will want to select which Collection you would like to add your found content to.

  • Click the "+ Add Article" button on the top right-hand side of the Collection

  • Paste articles URL to add the article

    • In the next step, you can edit the image, abstract, title, publisher as well as the published date

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By adding this content, you are agreeing to our terms of service, including those which govern the use of copyrighted materials.

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