Sharing Content via Social Media Profiles

A little bit about a few ways to share content using the UpContent platform to your personal and/or company social media profiles.

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We made UpContent to help you discover meaningful content to share with your audiences. One of the most common ways to share these articles is via social media.

We partner with some of the most respected industry leaders, Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Lately, and Funnel Amplified, to help you manage and schedule the content you find with us in your social media profiles.

From within our native web-app at - sharing is done through Buffer by default. If you do not yet have a Buffer account, you will need to create one to begin sharing (P.S. it's free!).

We also partner with Hootsuite. To use UpContent with Hootsuite, you will first need to create a Hootsuite account and add the UpContent app to your dashboard (P.S. also free!).

Another one of our partners for social sharing is HubSpot. Learn more about how we interact with HubSpot here.

Lately is another way to share automated social media posts. Learn a little more about how to leverage Lately here.

Do you use an unlisted service? Check out our Zapier integration!

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