Abstract Limits

Different networks require different limits. Here’s how to limit the number of characters being delivered to your social media posts!

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First, you will need to navigate to your Collection of choice and choose Advanced Settings on the left panel.

Once this is open, you can select a character amount for your favorite social media platform, or input a custom limit that you have decided upon. Note: The Abstract Limits only apply to automatically curated/sourced content to a Collection. The Abstract Limit will also attempt to meet requirements at the end of the last sentence, however, if the sentence is longer than the character limit you will see ellipses.

When adding an article to a Collection from a Topic, the Collection's Abstract limit will come into play also. After selecting the Collection you would like to add your article, you can now see the character counter below the abstract. It will turn red if the character limit exceeds the Collection's Abstract Limit. You will still be able to add the content to your Collection, however, it will exceed the Abstract Limit.

When manually adding an article to a Collection, your Abstract Character counter will be present below the abstract, however, it will not warn you when you exceed the limit since you are manually inputting this information.

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