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Accepting an invitation to join a team
Accepting an invitation to join a team

Your account is ready to add more team members! Here's how you accept an invite.

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Whenever you are a new user to UpContent and need to accept an invite to join your team's paid account you will first need to ensure the invitation includes the access that you are required to have within the UpContent platform. Learn more about permissions here.

Once you receive an invite in your email inbox, click "Accept" and this will take you directly to the sign-up page for UpContent. Click "Create account" and input your pertinent information (if you already have an UpContent account, simply click to accept the invitation).

After creating your free UpContent account, finally, accept the invite to join your team! This will load you into the team's account and you will have access to the folders assigned to your username via the team member who had invited you to join the team's account. You will now be able to collaborate with your team!

Note: If you do not receive an invite in your email inbox, please check your spam! If the invite is not there either, a team member can invite you to join the team via direct URL. Follow the same steps above to accept your invite!

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