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Obtaining your OpenAI API Key and Integrating with UpContent
Obtaining your OpenAI API Key and Integrating with UpContent

You will need to obtain an OpenAI API key to create AI Generated Post Text

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Obtaining your OpenAI API Key

You will need to create an OpenAI account if you have not already. Navigate to and create your account

  • Navigate to the OpenAI App web page and select API.

  • On the left-hand side of screen, locate the option labeled "API Keys"

    • Once you click here, you may need to verify your telephone number for 2-Factor authentication purposes

  • Click "Create a Secret Key"

    • Provide a name for your key

    • Select All under permissions

    • Click "Create Secret Key"

Important Note: It is important to save this key somewhere accessible to yourself. Once the key is generated, it will show as a truncated version that you will not be able to access the full key again. This is important when it comes to implementing your OpenAI API Key to the UpContent platform

Implementing your OpenAI API Key within the UpContent platform

Log into your UpContent account and navigate to the Integrations screen. Scroll down until you find the section labeled "OpenAI for AI Post Text Generation".

  • Click "Add API Key"

    • Input your OpenAI API Key that you had previously saved

Note: It is important to save your API Key. Once it is added to your account it will appear in the same truncated format as it does on the OpenAI site

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