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Creating a Voice to Personalize your AI Post Text Generation
Creating a Voice to Personalize your AI Post Text Generation

Let's have your Post Text be in the voice you set!

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Note: You will need to add your OpenAI API Key to your account first prior to creating a voice for your AI Post text generator.

Navigate to your Integrations menu within UpContent. On the left side of the screen you will see AI Post Text Generation. Click here!

This will launch the AI Post Text Generation Custom Voices form. Here, input the voice you would like to utilize for your AI Post text! See some examples below:

Content Manager

Content Manager working for a content curation software, I mainly talk about how content curation is essential to content marketing and why mixing in high-quality third-party content is crucial to building authenticity

Insurance Agent

Insurance agent sharing third-party articles with my clients via an email newsletter to help keep them informed about the latest trends in the industry as well as my local community


Experienced attorney with insights to national and international merger and acquisition trends and their impacts on the legal, economic, and business markets.

You are able create a voice specific to yourself, the industry you are in, as well as the subject matter you are an expert on!

Note: Unlike other AI prompts, you do not need to write "in the voice of" or "i am a"...we do that for you!

After you create your voice, assign it a name below the "AND CALL THAT VOICE" area!

Click Save and create your AI Post Text Generation Custom Voice!

You can also delete, clear, and overwrite voices here as well!

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