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Using AI to Generate Post Text within your Collection
Using AI to Generate Post Text within your Collection

Assiging your voice to your Collection!

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Ensure that you have created your OpenAI APA Key. You do not need to implement a voice before using post text, you can turn it on with NO destination and NO voice.

Navigate to your Collections screen and select the Collection you would like to assign your AI Generative Post Text voice to.

Click "Manage" next to Power-ups and scroll down to find the section labeled "Generative AI Post Text" and switch this to "on".

Select a destination where your articles will appear for your audience. Your options are, Summary, Newsletter, Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (now known as "X"), or Sales Email.

Note: This does not necessarily identify where the Post Text will operate to engage with your audience, this is a preset to allow our system to know where you anticipate the Post Text appearing.

After you select a destination, you will select the Voice you created in the step prior to this.

Once this is complete, content that is curated to your Collection will have this Generative AI Post Text applied to summaries of the articles!

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