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Assigning your Content Policy to your Collection
Assigning your Content Policy to your Collection

You've created your Classifiers and Policies, let's use them!

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Once you have created your Content Policy, you are ready to use Content Policies within your Collections!

Note: Content Policies do not work retroactively, so you may need to create a whole new Collection to apply it to every article.

Navigate to the Collection you would like to use Content Policies for, on the left-hand side you will see a section labeled "Policy". Click Manage next to Policy. Here you can set the Text Length for the Abstracts of your curated content, as well as a drop-down for Content Policy. Click the drop-down and select the Content Policy you would like to assign to your Collection. Here you can also assign "No Content Policy".

Note: Content Policies are only effective with content that is being automatically curated into your Collection via sourcing, adding articles from a Topic to the Collection, Collection to Collection, and manually adding an article to a Collection. Learn more about sourcing here.

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