Things may look a little different in UpContent as of 09/14/2022, check out the new update here.

Once you've found great content, you can add it to a Collection for better organization and distribution.

Collection are the "launchpads" for many of UpContent's integrations. This includes those that support the delivery of content via social media, email marketing, and ypur website. 

Collections also provide an RSS feed URL that contains all of the articles within the collection for use in technologies that UpContent does not, yet, have a direct integration. To access the Collections RSS Feed, simply click the link button at the top of the screen and copy the URL from there!

Here's what you can do with Collections:

  • Blend articles discovered through UpContent topics with articles found outside of the platform

  • Establish more streamlined internal content approval workflows

  • Strategically distribute each Collection’s content to one of UpContent's integration partners, your social media platforms, email newsletter, or even your website via the Collection's RSS feed.

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