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Integrating Lately with Collections
Integrating Lately with Collections

Want to use Lately to schedule your content posts? Here's how!

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To connect Lately to your Collections you will first choose your Collection and click manage next to Power-ups. Once you do this, the Power-ups menu will appear and you will need to navigate to "Lately" and click Connect.

If the "Connect" button is present, you have connected the two platforms together yet. If there is a toggle switch, the platforms are connected, select the Dashboard and Campaign you would like to curate content to Lately for.

NOTE: The connection process is only necessary once for the UpContent account. Any other collections (existing or new) will not have the Off/On toggle. You can also connect Lately to UpContent via the Integrations Menu

Be sure you are also logged into the Lately account you want to associate with UpContent. 

Then click the "Connect" button. You will then be presented with a new page where you can authorize UpContent to connect with your Lately account. 

Once you have connected Lately with UpContent, you will be able to turn on/off Lately for your Collection as well as what articles get sent to Lately from UpContent by choosing which articles are curated to your Collection.

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