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Here's how you tie Sniply in with your Collections creating a fantastic Call To Action!

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Creating your Call-to-Action

You will be able to create your call-to-action within the Sniply platform. You will first need to create an account, then authorize the connection between UpContent and Sniply. See the video below for instructions on creating your CTA:

NOTE: To access your Free Sniply account, the required UpContent subscription level needs to be met. The minimum required subscription level is UpContent's Engager plan. If you did not receive access, please let the team know!

Connecting Sniply and UpContent

First, be sure you are also logged into the Sniply account you want to associate with UpContent (within the same browser).

To connect Sniply to your Collections, you can achieve this in 1 of 2 ways. Navigate to the Collection, and click "Manage" next to the Power-ups area on the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll and find "Sniply" and click Connect. You can also connect Sniply to your account by navigating to the Integration Menu, locating Sniply, and clicking Connect. Once you do this, authorize the connection, and you are now able to assign call-to-actions to your Collections.
Once you have connected Sniply to your UpContent account, navigate to the Collection you would like to assign your Sniply Call-To-Action. (If you have not created a call-to-action in Sniply, view the section below labeled "creating your call-to-action"). Find the Power-ups section of your Collection (top left-hand corner) and click Manage. Scroll down through the Power-ups list and find Sniply (we connected UpContent and Sniply in the previous step), switch Sniply to be "on" then select your call-to-action campaign.

NOTE: The connection process is only necessary once for the UpContent account. Any other collections (existing or new) will not have the Off/On toggle.

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