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Let's get your chosen content out to your audience!

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Within Collection, you can use your content to send out newsletters to an audience!

There are multiple different tie-ins that you can use, including such platforms as Mail Chimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact. 

Choose your Collection, then locate the "manage" button next to Power-ups. Here, you can tie in your favorite email organizer. 

Note: Ensure your newsletter campaign provider is integrated with UpContent. More information here. You will have to have an account in both UpContent as well as your preferred email platform to tie-in the two for your audience.

Here you can dictate what content, how much content, and on what day you want your audience to receive your email. 

Half of your setup will be done in UpContent, while the design of your email and campaign selection will be handled on your preferred email provider's site!

Also, you can utilize UpContent's HTML Email Builder booster to design. your own templates and download an HTML file to send to your audience. Learn more here!

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