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Accessing the Gallery Code for your Website
Accessing the Gallery Code for your Website

Your Galleries are set, your themes are perfect, let's post them to your website.

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Once you've created the desired Themes and Galleries, you can access the code for your website from the Gallery Dashboard by clicking on the 'Download' button.

To navigate to the Gallery Dashboard from any screen, click on your account name on the top right corner and then select 'Galleries'. This will bring you the Gallery Dashboard.

The new window will present two main sections of code.

  • The Gallery Styles and dependencies = This set of code is best placed within the <head> element or before the </body> of your website. It is only needed on the specific pages where you wish to showcase your curated articles but can be applied to the full site without issue.

  • The HTML for your Galleries = These sets are unique to each of the Galleries you've created (and are labeled as such). You will want to paste this code in the appropriate section of your pages where you want the articles to display.

NOTE: UpContent Galleries were designed to be natively mobile responsive, so you should not need to adjust for mobile vs. desktop views on most sites. However, if your site places custom code within an iframe, you may need to adjust the container (box) size in your mobile layout.

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