Use ActiveCampaign to Craft a Curated Email Digest

Drive engagement and stimulate action amongst your lists by being a trusted resource with UpContent and ActiveCampaign.

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Leveraging ActiveCampaign's robust email campaign design and delivery functionality in order to bring your curated insights to your subscribers on a one-time or recurring basis is just a few steps away.

Note: This functionality is only available for accounts subscribed to the Engager plan or above.

Here's how to complete the connection:

In UpContent:

  1. Head to the collection within UpContent where you and your team have been automatically or manually adding articles you wish to deliver to your subscribers. Note: Be sure to activate your customized call-to-action in order to stimulate conversions with each article.

  2. Click the collection name in the very top purple bar and then select the "Edit" option from the dropdown.

  3. Click on "RSS".

  4. Select the appropriate sorting and filtering options that meet the needs of your email campaign. Unsure what's best? Open the chat to your right, and let's discuss it.

  5. Copy the "RSS Feed URL" at the bottom of the window. You'll need this in ActiveCampaign.

In ActiveCampaign:

  1. Head to "Campaigns" and click "Create a Campaign".

  2. Name your campaign and select the campaign type you wish to use. We generally recommend "Standard" but you can use this content wherever best for your strategy.

  3. Click "Next".

  4. Select your list, and click "Next" again.

  5. Select your template, or "start from scratch".

  6. Complete the "Sender Details" screen and click "Continue".

  7. Within the Designer, drag over the "RSS Feed" block where you'd like the articles to be placed. Note: You can leverage multiple RSS blocks and the &offset= variable within the RSS feed URL to have articles appear in different sections of the campaign.

  8. Complete any customization within the window and click "Update".

  9. Continue to design your email - including the elements for the articles curated by UpContent.

  10. Click "Next" when the design is complete.

  11. Complete the prompts in the Summary screen, including scheduling the send and setting a recurring frequency (if desired).

  12. Click "Save and Exit".

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