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Icebreaker by UpContent
Installing Icebreaker within HubSpot
Installing Icebreaker within HubSpot

Add Icebreaker to your HubSpot Hub in order to easily identify the articles that are best able to engage your contacts.

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Icebreaker by UpContent allows those working with your HubSpot contacts to easily surface the articles that are most likely to engage - right within the contact record.

Want more value? This integration can be used in tandem with UpContent's Sniply integration - increasing direct and indirect conversions from engagements with your curated articles.

Connecting the two platforms is a one-time activity that can only be done by a team member who has 'Super Admin' access to HubSpot. Other teammates who have access to the functionality being used within the HubSpot account can then leverage the integration without having to re-authenticate.

Activating the Icebreaker by UpContent within HubSpot

To install or activate Icebreaker by UpContent within HubSpot, navigate to the UpContent Integrations menu. You can find this menu manually by following these steps:

  1. Clicking on your UpContent account name on the top right,

  2. Selecting "Integrations" from the dropdown,

  3. Scrolling to the "Icebreaker" integration and clicking the "Connect" button,

  4. Select the appropriate HubID (if needed),

  5. Following the prompts to authorize access to your Hub by Icebreaker.

Authorizing Collections for Icebreaker use

With the many uses for Collections across your team, not all Collections may contain articles you wish to be used as part of Icebreaker. Within your Collection's "Power-Ups" menu, you can authorize a collection to be available for Icebreaker.

NOTE: You can authorize as many Collections as you'd like.

  1. Navigate to the Collection you'd like to authorize for Icebreaker.

  2. Click on the Collection name in the very top menu bar.

  3. Click the "Edit" option.

  4. Navigating to the "Power-Ups" tab within the Edit menu,

  5. Switch "On" Icebreaker. NOTE: If you see a "Connect" button instead, navigate to the Integrations menu to be sure Icebreaker is connected.

  6. Click "Save" at the bottom left of the Collection Edit menu.

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