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Use Constant Contact to Craft a Curated Email Digest
Use Constant Contact to Craft a Curated Email Digest

Get your audience the best content in their inbox using Constant Contact and UpContent's integration!

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To utilize UpContent's Constant Contact integration, you will also need to have our HTML Email Booster.

Once you have determined you would like to use Constant Contact as your newsletter campaign provider, you will want to ensure that it is connected to UpContent. You can do this by navigating to your Integrations menu and clicking "Connect" next to the Constant Contact Integration's name.

After you have connected Constant Contact to UpContent, you will want to make sure that you have an HTML Email Template designed and ready to use.

Next, navigate to the Collection you wish to produce the Constant Contact Newsletter from and click "Manage" next to integrations. This will bring up the Integrations manager. Click "Add Campaign" below Constant Contact.

Here, you will put in the pertinent information such as the HTML Email template you will use, adjust the filters for the content that will be utilized, the subject line of the newsletter, the list of recipients, the from name, from address, and the reply address. After you have done all of this, click "Save". Note: this will only need to be done once unless you need to adjust the campaign settings. After this is set, you can simply navigate to your Power-ups and click create a draft, send now, or schedule as stated below.

Once you have saved, you can now click "Create Email". Here you will be able to create the newsletter as a draft, send the newsletter now, or schedule the newsletter to be sent at a later time and date.

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