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UpContent's Smart Filter
UpContent's Smart Filter

Use the right content similar to the content that has garnered attention in the past

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UpContent's Smart Filter is only available within Collections, as well as your Filter View management screens.

The Smart Sort feature available within the UpContent platform will rank the content in order based upon similar content that, in the past, your audience has engaged with!

To display your curated content within your Collection by the ranking of predicted performance, simply find the filter near the top of the screen that says "Sort:" and change that to Smart. Your content will now be displayed in order of predicted performance.

Whenever you are applying the Smart filter to a power-up such as your HTML Email builder, MailChimp, or HubSpot email, you are able to allow UpContent to automatically send an amount of "Smart" articles to these different integrations. You can also set a performance threshold for the articles here as well! This will be covered a little later in the article.

Lastly, when it comes to your Galleries, you are able to sort content appearing on your website via the Smart filter as well! Whenever you are creating the Filter View for your Gallery (or using another Filter View) simply set the sort to Smart! This will now rank the content in order of predicted performance on your website. Similar to your power-ups, you can also set a performance threshold for your curated articles here!

Note: If you are adjusting a Filter View to have the Sort option as "Smart", this will affect all other areas of the platform where the same Filter View is applied.

Performance Threshold

Each article is assigned a performance score between 0-100. These scores are set by past articles that are thematically similar and have garnered clicks from your audience. UpContent's suggestion to see the best results for setting your performance threshold would be to start with a very low number something similar 0-10. The first few articles that you curate are automatically assigned a performance score of 0, so over time new articles when they are curated into your Collection will be assigned higher values based upon the original articles' performance.

Note: If your articles are performing incredibly well, the number you can use may be over 100. If you set the performance threshold to 100, all articles that pass through your source, to your newsletters, or your website will be predicted to have a minimum of 100 clicks.

We have seen a lot of success with the Smart Filter especially when we are automating the curation process! Learn more about sourcing here!

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