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Using an Icebreaker Article in HubSpot
Using an Icebreaker Article in HubSpot

How and where to use Icebreaker Articles

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Once you have connected the Icebreaker integration within UpContent to HubSpot and activated at least one UpContent Collection to be available for Icebreaker, you can use Icebreaker to easily send pre-approved articles to contacts to provide value and stimulate a conversation - right within HubSpot.

How to use an Icebreaker Article in HubSpot:

  • Navigate to your Contacts page in HubSpot.

  • On the right-hand side, find Icebreaker by UpContent.

  • Click "Actions" on the article you would like to use then click "Copy".

  • Review the presentation options to find the one that you'd prefer. Your past selection is automatically saved.

  • Click the "Copy" button.

  • Paste in the article to an Email, Task, or Meeting and modify as you wish to spark a great discussion.

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