Understanding How UpContent Works

Want a general overview of how the UpContent platform works? You've found the right article.

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UpContent exists to help you discover, review, and distribute 3rd party articles that will engage, inform, and stimulate your audience - across all your digital marketing and sales channels.

How does UpContent find content?

UpContent leverages its own, proprietary "crawler" to consistently scour the web for articles. These results are then more deeply analyzed so they are easier to present to you, and data such as the title, publication date, image, text, etc. are extracted.

We use these properties to classify it as either news, blog, or 'other'. We automatically hide results classified as 'other' as these often represent overly promotional pieces.

When viewing a topic, all the articles that match your filtering criteria are returned, and the selected sorting algorithm computes for those results so the highest-scoring articles are displayed first.

The main filtering criteria within your topic are called your "topic criteria". Topic criteria are defined using "boolean" operators. Learn more about Topics.

Once you have found an article that you like, you would then add it to a Collection, which is a staging area for your content and connects to your social media, email marketing, website CMS, or other distribution tools. Collections are how you can easily deliver the articles you curate to your audience. Learn more about Collections.

More info on the differences between Topics and Collections? Click here.

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